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Zakharchenko_20140220Acting Minister of Interior Vitaliy Zakharchenko transfers responsibility for the latest events in Kyiv on to “irresponsible politicians”.

It is stipulated in his statement published at the official website of the ministry.

The Ministry of Interior reports about 350 hospitalized policemen and military officers of the Ukrainian internal forces.

Seventy-four out of those received gunshot wounds. 10 law enforcement officers were killed, reports the Ministry.

Zakharchenko stressed that “police forces and the military of internal forces fulfilled their duty and gave their lives for the establishment of peace and calm in the Ukrainian society”.

The Ministry transfers the responsibility for civilians dying from gunshot wounds on to the “extremists”.

“I would like to point out that law enforcement officers did not use guns. During localization of riots police officers were equipped only with special devices shooting elastic bullets,” Zakharchenko claims.

“In my opinion, all responsibility for the events which have taken place should be put on these irresponsible politicians”, stressed acting minister who is claimed to be a minister by the official website.

Before that, the Ministry of Health confirmed 25 deaths in Kyiv.


Ukrainska Pravda

Mass protests are going on in Uzhgorod, Lutsk, Vinnytsia, Sumy and Poltava, the protesters are storming the state administrations buildings.

According to Zakarpattia online, the activists entered Zakarpattia Region State Administration (RSA), tearing down the doors and breaking through the “barricades”.

The militia, who were inside, were just forced to leave the building.

The activists are bringing the benches from Narodna square inside the RSA building in order to use them for the barricades.

Then the majority of protesters, most of whom were students, went to Uzhgorod National University administration. They demand rector Fedir Vashchuk to resign.

Lutsk In Lutsk the protesters stormed the regional police department. According to VolynPost, the police responded with light and sound grenades and traumatic weapon.

The building caught fire from Molotov cocktails, which were thrown by the demonstrators. The protesters managed to tear down the door and broke into the first floor.

After the negotiations the protesters formed the corridor, through which they let the police walk. There turned out to be Berkut units in the yard of the department, which were disarmed with the held of head of Volyn Ministry of Foreign Affairs Department Oleksandr Tereshchuk.

The head of Volyn RSA Oleksandr Bashkalenko, who turned out to be inside, was pushed into the crowd. People demanded that he should write a resignation letter, but he refused. Bashkalenko was beaten up, made to sit down and hand-cuffed to the stage that was nearby.

Later protesters went to Volyn prosecutor’s office. Also great number of protesters are going to Security Service of Ukraine.

It was previously informed that the activists occupied the SAD in Lutsk.

In the center of Vinnytsia about 5 thousand protesters against the government blocked the traffic.

At 8:30 Soborna streets was blocked, later Pershotravneva, Teatralna and 9-go Sichnia streets were blocked too.

Public transport is completely shut down. Only ambulances and rescuers are let through. Traffic is completely blocked from the Central bridge to Gagarin square and in the direction of the Kyiv bridge.

The protesters ask the people of Vinnytsia to join the, shouting “Vinnytsia – get up!” and “Don’t be indifferent – our brothers and sisters are being killed!”

About 1,5 thousand protesters gathered in Teatralna square, were the demonstration is being held at the moment. Their number is increasing.

b2a0b19-papiev-molodij-bukovinets- In Chernivtsy a couple of thousand protesters blocked the RSA.

About 500 of them broke through to the office of the head of Chernivtsi RSA and pushed him into the street. Mykhailo Papiev is forced to repent on his knees in from of the Ukrainian people and resign at once. The police doesn’t interfere.

The head of Chernivtsi region council Mykhailo Gainycheru came out to the protesters.

He informed that today at 18:00 an extraordinary regional council session is to be held, which, according to his words, will discuss the following questions: 1) Recognizing National council of Ukraine 2) Stating distrust to the head of Chernivtsi RSA Papiy 3) forbidding Party of Regions in the region 4) Appealing to the law enforcement officers to take the side of the people and return special forces units of Bukovyna home from Kyiv 5) termination of president Yanukovych decrees in Bukovyna 6) immediate resignation of Yanukovych.

According to local mass media, Papiev was forced by the protesters to write a resignation letter to the President of Ukraine right in the street.

He took a receipt with activists’ signatures, that they guarantee the prevention of violence in the region and hindering the work of organizations and institutions that are vital for the region.

The representatives of “Right Sector” in Bukovyna inform that “full mobilization of Chernivtsi military artillery regiment #300 with following transfer to Kyiv” was announced.

Sumy_20140220In Sumy the protesters first picketed and later entered MIA Department building. According to local mass media, there were clashes between the protesters and the police. The militia used traumatic weapon.

The police tried to attack the protesters, but they fought off. The protesters swung the bus with Berkut, which came to the scene, and threw rocks at it, so that the bus had to break our of the encirclement.

The police brought reinforcement to the MIA Department building, the clashes continue.

In Poltava about a thousand people with the constant movement over the pedestrian’s crossings blocked Zhovtneva road next to Poltava RSA. This was informed by the Internet publication Poltavshchyna.

adb5018-poltava-foto-svobodyThe protesters demand from authorities and police to open the road and let people freely go to the capital, and also to stop shooting people of Poltava, who stay in Maidan in Kyiv.

Later they picketed the MIA Department in Poltava region and the building of Poltava RSA. A few young men tried to break down the doors of the administration building; they were stopped by the opposition council members. The column went to Poltava Pedagogical University.

The original: По Україні протестувальники штурмують управління МВС та ОДА

More deaths today

As of noon today, 20-Feb-2014, the Ministry of Health care has constatated seven new deaths of today, two of them – from the police side. The total number of killed since the abrupted end of armistice has reached 35 (officially).

About 60 persons have officially asked for medical assistance within the time from 6  to 12 o’clock this morning. Five out of them have been hospitalized in very heavy condition.

Among those killed today – professor from the Ukrainian Catolics University Bohdan Solchanyk.

Yanukovych is being left with less and less support

Kyivites are blocking the gates of Interior troops base in the city of Kyiv (on 24, Povitroflotskyi prospect), where there are mostly fresly conscripted youths are quartered. They ask the policemen to refuse to fight on the side of the bankcrupt and bloody government.

Also, an internal troops colonel named Balashov has joined protestors’ side (and quit his position with the troops).

Meanwhile, the Yanukovych’s ruling Party of Regions is fading – more and more deputies are declaring they are quitting the party and align with the people.

For instance, just less than a month ago appointed Head of Kyiv city administration Makeienko has declared that ‘no power is worth sacrificing even a single human life’. Also, Makieienko has given order to resume the Kyiv sub-way operation, which he himself has suspended before yesterday – allegedly, after having being demanded by Yanukovych, with the aim to prevent large crowds of people of easily re-assembling at Maidan. To remind – vast majority of Kyiv population supports protestors . Makeienko

Five MPs – Party of Region members from Transcarpathian region have also declared they quit the pro-government fraction in Parliament.

Володимир Макеєнко заявив про вихід з ПР та особисту відповідальність за життєдіяльність Києва.

Despite being up till now intimidated and black-mailed by Yanukovych, several dozens Party of Regions MPs have come to this evening’s session at Ukrainian Parliament – Verkhovna Rada, – to take part in, probably, an attempt to dismiss the incumbent government and, ultimately, stop the blood-shed and further falling of the whole country into instability and disorder – http://www.pravda.com.ua/news/2014/02/20/7015192/ .

The presidential children ombudsman Yuriy Pavlenko has resigned from its position – also, in support of the people’s demand and as sign of disapproval of Yanukovych policies – http://www.pravda.com.ua/news/2014/02/20/7015179/.

Government is using live munition, snipers and arms criminal gangs against protestors

There are muptiple proofs that government forces are using live munition and snipers without even hiding. For instance, journalists have photographed  a sniper at Instytutska street who was aiming protestors. People who coincidentally were lodging in ‘Ukraina’ hotel (just above Maidan) are still afraid to leave the building, as snipers are shooting everyone – both Maidan self-defense guys and just passers-by.

It is also apparent that, due to lack Yanukovych-devoted manpower, the government is actively hiring criminal thugs (titushki) to aide the riot police to fight (and now – kill) the protestors, as well as provoking mass disorders in the city and vicinities. It’s remarkable that they are often wearing the same ‘St.Gheorgiy’ stripes on them – http://www.pravda.com.ua/news/2014/02/20/7015152/ .

On below video you see police armed with Kalashnikovs and sniper guns:

(footage by Spilno.tv, near Cabinet of Ministers building, 20-Feb-2014)

With all this being already widely known, the Ministry of Internal Affairs still keeps on pretending that they are ‘right’ it’s the protestors who are ‘wrong’. With a calm face, Minister of interior Vitalii Zakharchenko has issued official video release, where he threaten the protestors that ‘police will shoot to protect themselves and the extremists have to give up all their weapons’ – http://www.pravda.com.ua/news/2014/02/20/7015209/

Also, some 40 railway wagons with troops have departed from Kremenchuk via Poltava in the night of 20-Feb-2014. Most probably, their destination is Kyiv. At the same time, the state railways are delaying train departures from the West of the country (fearing they will bring enforcement to Maidan).

Protestors are enjoying vast popular support

Common Ukrainian people are striving to help the protestors with all they can: somebody is ferrying wounded to hospitals – in Kyiv, neighbouring cities, as well as abroad; some are delivering used tyres, polypropylene, resin and fuel to the Maidan. The supply of medicines, all sorts of warm and protective clothing seem to be never ending. The police is trying to block the adjacent roads, but the common people persuade them somehow, so their blocking is more and more ‘just for the show’.

Meanwhile, as the government-hired thugs ‘titushki’ are raiding houses and appartments, burning cars left on the streets, the residents of some districts are actively organizing the citizens self-defence units.

Also, on the roads to Kyiv local people take more and more initiative – so, residents of one of the villages on Odesa-Kyiv route have stopped bus full of thugs and burnt it completely, arrested the thugs. Several busses with police enforcement units were also stopped, the police – disarmed and dispatched back home using regular busses from the city of Uman.


Regime convulsions?

The way Yanukovych government hawks are acting, it seems like they are extremely intimidated and desperate – they are not counting the process can ever be turned back into the legal channels, and they win or lose, by any means.

Another proof of that is the approaches to government buildings are being enforced with concrete blocks. The Yanukovych and his clicque are going to hold the siege.


Block from armoured vehicle, police busses in the vicinity of the presidential administration

Maydan_b  Formal reasons to implement th state of emergency “alchemists” from the president’s team could easily find a couple of months ago. But officially this state is still not implemented. Since it’s much easier without it.

Metropolitan doesn’t work in the capital of Ukraine for the 2nd day. The roads to Kyiv are blocked by large groups of road police and internal army units. Street lighting was partially turned off in the city center all night. In reality schools and universities are closed, a lot of companies are not working and a lot of shops and stores and closed. The cabinet of ministers holds closed meeting. All city hospitals are packed with wounded, Lukjanivka remand center is packed with detained and arrested people. There are large groups of men in uniforms in the streets…

According to these and other characteristics Kyiv is in the state of emergency. But formally and legally everything is OK in the city. Normal mode! Despite the fact that Kyiv metropolitain was stopped for the first time in the history of its existance, just as for the first time on February 18 huge clubs of thick smoke were over the city center, and later throughout the night and morning one could hear sounds of grenades exploding and shots being fired.

…At the beginning of last December, when the possibility of implementation of the state of emergency in Ukraine was activley discussed in the mass media, expert lawyers were very skeptical about this possibility. They describled legal mechanisms of implementing such state in details and made conclusions that due to the complication of this procedure, the possibility of implementing the state of emergency is unlikely. Well, it definitely is. But, first of all, didn’t the acting government break one or other variant of the Constitution (not mentioning dozens of laws) all the time during the years of buing in power? So implementing the state of emergency with gross violations of procedural rules is something common and usual for the authorities. Moreover, some norms of law “About legal regime of state of emergency” give the possibility to the authorities to interpret them in ambiguous way.

And it’s no wonder: the law was passed at the times of Leonid Kuchma, almost simultaneously with holding referendum in 2000, which was falsified from start to finish, then amended a couple of times when Yanukovych was the PM, and later during the time of his presidency. In the second place, why officially implement the state of emergency and then be fully responsible for inevitalble excesses of this time? One can always act according to the norms of state of emergency de facto bypassing legislation and pretending that everything is ok. And, thirdly, the state of emergency in its full legislative power is dangerous, however strange it may sound, first of all for the acting authorities, but not for the protesters.

We want to remind, that the Law of Ukraine “About legal regime of state of emergency” gives the definition of the state of emergency as “special legal regime, which might temporarily be implemented in Ukriane of its seperate regions” in case of man-made or natural emergency situations and “in case of attempts to seiz power in the country of change the constitutional order in Ukraine by means of violence and implies providing corresponding state bodies, army commanders and local authorities with powers accoring to this Law which are necessary to prevent the threat and protect safety and health of the citizens, proper functioning of the national economy, state governament and local authorities, to protect the constitutional order and also allows due to the threat to temporarily limit the constitutional rights and freedoms of the citizens and rights and legal interests of entities with indicating the term of these limitations.” Such state can be implemented specifically in cases of “occupying separate extremely important buildings and locations, which threatens the safety of people and violates usual activity of state government and local authorities; mass disorders accompanied by violence against citizens, restricting their rights and freedoms”.

In a word, the formal reasons to implement the state of emergency “alchemists” from the president’s team could easily find a couple of month. Although, the representatives of so-called “law enforcement units” are the most effective in using violence against the citizens and they do it all the time, without lunch breaks of weekends… But this state is still not impremented oficially. Because it’s much easier this way.

It’s been abovementioned that the state of emergency is a complicated system of measures, which should be taken responsibility for by those, who implemented them. In addition, not only soldiers and offiers of internal army units and Security Service of Ukraine, but also the Ukrainian Army have to realize these measures, dragged out from their warm apartments and barracks into the freezing streets, and if it’s raining – into the rain, and not in big herds that are easy to control but in small groups spread all over the territory of the state of emergency: all over the region, city or the whole country.

There is no guarantee, that without permanent control the soldiers and younger officers won’t sell weapons and ammunition to the opponents, the way Soviet garrison roadblocks did in Afghanistan. Besides that, the list of basic measures of the state of emergency includes the possibility to enter anywhere, inspect everything and oficially or unoficially confiscate the necessary things; during the current situaiton in Ukraine the majority of units that perform the state of emergency in no time will turn into hordes of drunken marauders without disciplinary or moral limits. And soon after that violent conflicts over “unfair” division of the loot will inevitable begin among tens of thousands of young men with service weapon …

… And meanwhile Viktor Yanukovych is trying to picture himself as a “peacemaker”, guarantor of peace and happiness of Ukrainian people in his address to the nation. So how can a peacemaker implement the state of emergency out of the blue? It’s much easier and usual to act illegally, shifting the responsibility for the current hot situation onto “radicals” and for the most brutal excesses of the militai onto small executor.



Journalists analyzed the live broadcast of Inter (one of the main Ukrainian TV channels). Their technics  were ready before armed conflict, they had the best place for shooting, they had straight multiple from Maydan. They repeated the shooting of this morning (20.02.2014), where we can see the following situation: the operator is trying to shoot as more as possible, when he hears the command voice “Comment everything you see now!” And journalist in fear and trembling voice began to comment. The head of Kyiv police says: “Everything, what is happening now – the fault of opposition!”  And nobody hasn’t noted that people who died  – victims of snipers. The Inter channel says the opposite: snipers belong to the activists!  Who will believe to this channel of liars?

In the course of two years the MIA (Ministry of Internal Affairs) acquired at least 17 000 illegal bullets of the 12th caliber „for the forced stoppage of vehicles“, which killed two people on Hrushevskogo Street.

nashiGroshi_Bullets_MIA_01According to the numerous reports of both the MIA press office and personally Vitaliy Zaharchenko, during the active phase of confrontation on Hrushevskoho police did not use firearms – only allowed special means as police officers do not receive firearms for the protection of the public order. But it is not exactly true.

One of the most impressive “allowed special means” used on Hrushevska Str. is a rifle of the Fort-500 series, designed for any 12 caliber bullets, including hunting and live ammunition – unlike the so called “means for shooting with bullets of non-lethal effect”, which fall apart after shooting with at least one live ammunition. At least, without the manual sizing of the „means“ to “combat” status.

But the three people who were killed on Hrushevskogo have got gunshot wounds. Sergiy Nigoyan was killed with a buck-shot fired from a firearm of the 12th caliber, Myhailo Zhyznyevskiy and Roman Senyk –with the bullets from the weapons of the same 12th caliber.

Police immediately rejected the use of such bullets. Deputy Chief of Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Oleg Tatarov made ​​a categorical statement: “Ammunition, which caused injuries to all three citizens are not used by the internal affairs bodies and they do not have it in their armament. I emphasize: we do not have such bullets“.

So. About the bullets, with which Zhyznyevskiy and Senyk had been killed, the Deputy Chief of Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is surprisingly unaware. Or he is simply lying. Because the internal affairs bodies have bullets like that.

Such bullet, according to the results of a large-scale investigation of a journalist Arkady Babchenko, was taken out of Senyk’s lungs:


And these were exhibited by the bullet developer – the Research Institute for special equipment at the MIA – back in 2009:




Babchenko, whose sources insist that the MIA has the bullets of the 12th caliber with lead buckshot (with which Nigoyan was killed) did not make a definite conclusion whether MIA is equipped with this “special ammunition” pictured above. He was more inclined to conclude that these are old “experimental” bullets, which did not go into mass production and were transferred to the police in a small quantity. According to Babchenko the bullets with steel balls could as well be “experimental”. They were developed “for the forced stoppage of a vehicle by damaging the engine”.

So, these bullets are part of a regular armament at the MIA. Though illegally and in a very small quantity.

The evidence for that can be found in the results of MIA tenders. And namely, on April 10, 2012 MIA signed contracts for the purchase of “non-lethal 12-caliber bullets”. They have purchased 10270 bullets with plastic balls and 10270 bullets with plastic buck-shot from the “Ecolog” LLC at the price of 9 UAH per bullet.

At the same tender the MIA purchased 10500 bullets for the forced stoppage of vehicles from the “Laboratory of Applied Chemistry” LLC at the price of 27 UAH per bullet.

So, back in 2012, when Ukraine hosted the European football championship, the MIA had an urgent need to shoot more than 30 thousand “non-lethal” bullets. Whereas, for each 2 “plastic” bullets, they planned to make 1 “forced vehicle stopping” shot.

Later there was more. On Novermber 26, 2013, five days after Mykola Azarov signed his fateful order № 905-р to stop European integration and the first activists went out to Maidan, the MIA – within a tender – signed contracts with the same “Ecolog” LLC and “Laboratory of Applied Chemistry” LLC to purchase “devices for the instant aerosol disperse, bullets of the 12th caliber, gas grenades” for the amount of 5,91 mln. UAH.

From “Ecolog” LLC they purchased 1900 “devices for the instant aerosol disperse” – or manual gas grenades – at the price of 324 UAH per grenade. From the “Laboratory of Applied Chemistry” LLC this year they bought 1500 gas grenades of the 12th caliber for shooting with the pump-action rifle “Fort-500” at the price of 189 UAH each. Plus 6730 of the same bullets for the forced stoppage of vehicles with the same technical requirements, as in 2012, but for a price of 42 UAH per bullet.

And here are the technical requirements for the “non-lethal” transport-stopping bullets taken from the tender documentation at the MIA:

The Product, offered by the participant (bullets of the 12th caliber for the forceful stoppage of vehicles) is to be added to the armament of the MIA bodies under the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine or under the Protocol of the MIA Bureau Commission and should meet the following requirements:

 Technical requirements









 The bullets are designed for shooting with the smoothbore rifles. Bullet weight –30 to 40 gram.Material of the ballistic element – brass.

Material of the core – steel.

Bullet of the 12th caliber.

The effective range of application – 10 to 15 m.

Length of the bullet – 70 mm.

Ensures the destruction of the vehicle engine after penetrating the minimum 5 mm thick   body.

Ensures the destruction of the undercarriage.

Bullet speed (at a 5 m distance from the muzzle of the barrel) – from 380 to 450 m/sec.

The bullet is to provide the faultless operation of the rifle and stability of ballistic characteristics.

When shooting, it is not allowed:

–          misfire though the case of the bullet,

–          destroying the integrity of the case, which prevents its extraction,

–          breakthrough of the powder gases through the capsule or the rolled cut of the bullet case,

–          stuckness of the bullet in the barrel after the shot

For a person, who at least slightly understands the characteristics of weapons and bullets, a question of “illegality” of such “special means” disappears immediately. People who know nothing about the topic can read the Standard Specifications for the non-lethal bullets developed by the scientists of the MIA and see if the “bullets of the 12th caliber for the forceful stoppage of vehicles” meet the requirements of this Standard in part of their “non-lethal” action. The especially assiduous can calculate the specific kinetic energy of the bullets on the same 10-15 meters.

There is another boring aspect, a legal one. According to the Article 14 of the Law “On police”: “A full range of special means as well as the rules of their usage are to be set by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine based on the Conclusion of the central executive body, which insures the formation of the state policy in the health sector, and the General Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine and is to be published in the Mass Media”.

The Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers “On approval of rules for application of special means for the protection of public order” – the same one, from which Azarov for the first time since 2001 excluded a ban to use water cannons in the cold – so, this resolution established a complete and exhaustive list of special equipment.

Nothing similar to the „bullets of the 12th caliber for the forceful stoppage of a vehicle „ can be found in the Resolution. Clause 22 of the resolution stipulates that only modifications to the listed special means, which do not change their technical specifications, can be added to the armament of the MIA following the order of the Minister of Internal Affairs. The Resolution does not allow adding anything to the armament based on the “protocol of a MIA Bureau Commission”. Any extensions to the list of special means are only possible under the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the proposal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs based on the conclusion of the Ministry of Health Protection and the General Prosecutor’s Office.

Of course, nothing similar to at least a draft Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers or the conclusions on the “bullets of the 12th caliber for the forceful stoppage of vehicles” could be found. Though lately they grow like mushrooms after the rain.

By the way. Besides the already mentioned and adopted Resolutions named after Azarov “on Russian grenades” and “on water cannons in the cold” the newspaper “Dzerkalo tyzhnya” published a petition signed by Zaharchenko on extending the list with a few more items, like the Russian grenades and other urgently needed things, and namely the device “Dzhmil” (Bumblebee) and “Dzhmil-M”. “Dzerkalo tyzhnya” made a faulty but logic conclusion that these were the Russian reactive flamethrowers.

The MIA got terribly insulted and informed that “Dzhmil” and “Dzhmil-M” are shells with the tear gas grenades.

But what we are interested in is a different aspect. It is a Conclusion of the Ministry of Health Protection № 05.03.02-07/5710 dated 27.01.2011. The name of the object of expertise is TU U 29.6-2264502677.001:2011 „Shells with the gas grenades “Dzhmil” and “Dzhmil-M”. The conclusion also includes contacts of the producer: Private Enterpreneur Shostak V.V.

This Private Enterpreneur Shostak V.V. is registered at the same address as the already mentioned “Laboratory of Applied Chemistry” LLC, which is headed by Shostak Volodymyr Volodymyrovych. Professional chemist and patron who helps children with reagents and supplies MIA with the prohibited “bullets of the 12th caliber for the forceful stoppage of vehicles”.

But it’s not about the weapon dealer, but about high MIA officials who do not consider Fort-500 to be a smoothbore firearm and do not see a huge stock of illegal “special means” in their governmental agency.  Although they report about the search of “some unknown woman” suspected in the killing of Zhizhnevskiy.

The words which begin the Law „On police“ are very appropriate here: Police in Ukraine is a state armed executive body. This was a phrase a former Minister of Internal Affairs, General Bilokin loved to quote. He also used to say: “We are told that police should be beyond politics. But I say: we are the governmental authority, an armed governmental authority. And we must, consequently, support the ones in power… And if we win the elections in the first round, we will drink for three days”.

And even though Bilokin currently serves at the Ministry of Justice in the Russian Federation and probably drinks there, it seems that he has many of followers in Ukraine. And it would have been even okay, if the heavy hangover came only to them. But today, unfortunately, it is the matter of a whole country.

Volodymyr Lyutiy



Photo – ‘Ukraina’ TV channel

February 5, 2014, 01:16

Sick children and their parents in the Child Oncology Department of the National Cancer Institute were asked to remove their gauze masks during the visit of Viktor Yanukovych – according to posts by Facebook users, as reported by Ukrainska Pravda.

The video shows the President – also without a gauze mask – greeting the patients, the majority of whom are also not wearing protective masks. Witnesses say that several buses with Berkut security officers surrounded the hospital from the very morning, used tow truck to tow away cars parked in the area, closed off passageways between the Institute’s various buildings, did not allow hospital access to parents who brought food for their kids (including those in transplantation units), and also did not let in one patient who was there for lab tests. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health press service denies reports that patients were forced to remove their masks, contending that the Cancer Institute does not adhere to a strict mask-wearing regimen, and that no hospital rules were violated. And, as a reminder, Viktor Yanukovych returned from sick leave for acute respiratory infection only a day earlier.

It is worth keeping in mind that any kind of virus poses a direct threat to the lives of child oncology patients, especially those who are undergoing or have recently completed chemotherapy. These kids have a seriously compromised immune system unable to resist to any disease, even something as routine as acute respiratory infection.

Sources:http://5.ua/70914, http://www.pravda.com.ua/news/2014/02/4/7012710.


When looking at recent photoes of Yanukovych, pay attention to his eyes – they are a telltale sign of Yanukovych’s true physical state!



Russian Special Units accommodated in Puscha-Vodytsia

Published: 03/02/2014 , 19:26 10692


According to a source from Ministry of Internal Affairs, there is every reason to state that 40 combatants from Russian special forces unit are secretly present on the Ukrainian territory since 20 January 2014 and are accommodated in Hamarnyka str., 54b, in “Puscha-Vodytsia” sanatorium (former base of “Sokil” hokey club). The access to the sanatorium is strictly limited at the moment, as well as the number of Ministry of Internal Affairs employees who cooperate with Russian units (the list of MIA employees doesn’t change).

The combatants are equipped with Ukrainian “Berkut” uniforms and also have civil clothes. They are transported around Kyiv in police and squad cars in order to perform special assignments.

From the available data it is known that this unit is used for special operations in Kyiv and other regions in Ukraine and is involved in capture and liquidation of active members of Maidan. It’s worth mentioning, that even the officers of Donetsk and Simferopol “Berkut” are emphasizing the level of cruelty of these special forces units towards the Ukrainians.


The original: Спецназ з Росії квартирує у Пущі-Водиці


Feb. 3, 2014

It seems that the puzzle of two deaths of activists, Serhiy Nigoyan and Mykhailo Zhyznevsky, on January, 22 is now complete. As expected, they died from wounds caused by bullets that police forces shot. My only mistake was an assumption that “Berkut” uses armour-piercing shells used for hunting. This is not the case: “Berkut was shooting people with hard-core bullets that are used to stop vehicles by destroying the engine.

And I am going to prove it.
Let me remind you the prehistory: on January, 22 two dead bodies of Serhiy Nigoyan and Mykhailo Zhyznevsky were found on barricades after the attack of “Berkut” special forces. Later on there was a report that one more injured man, named Roman Senyk, was delivered to hospital in a very bad condition with loss of blood of about 3 litres. He had his hand amputated and even after several surgeries he couldn’t be saved – he died in three days.
Ammunition that killed Serhiy Nogoyan was identified without any issues — it was a case-shot found in his body. With Mykhailo Zhyznevsky it was more complicated as he had an exit wound and the bullet was never found. The bullet was certainly not a sniper one – the inlet opening was too wide but it doesn’t look like the one from a 12.7 mm calibre sniper rifle bullet.
At the same day after the attack of “Berkut” a trace of some shell was found on a metal support of a café, which looked like one from a spool-shaped rubber bullet used by special forces, same calibre but of smaller length. The bullet came from the police side.
Matching these facts led me to a conclusion that “Berkut” started to use hunting shots instead of non-lethal shots – the trace on that metal support was perfectly matching armour-piercing brass spool-shaped bullet of 12 mm calibre, that are used for hunting big animals and cause hardest injuries. But here is what I found out afterwards.

In 2009 during armament exhibition on MIA some special purpose bullets were shown. Armour penetration – bulletproof vest of class 4 or 5 mm steel sheet. The bullet had the same spool shape, calibre 12 mm. What is more important it contains a solid hard core – a dark point which sticks out from the body of bullet. These bullets were engineered in Special Engineering Research Institute of MIA of Ukraine.





(Photos of Yandex-Photo user minkin3)

Even though the bullet that killed Mykhailo Zhyznevsky was not found, there was one found in the body of Roman Senyk, which had exactly the same spool-shaped 12mm calibre bullet. Here is an X-ray picture which was made during surgery:



Due to wrong angle of view taken at this photo, it was first falsefully identified as French Bobbin Bullet or some other spool-shaped hunting shot.


However after there was a picture from another point of view it was easy to notice that solid hardcore. Which means it is not a hunting shot but a live ammunition of special purpose.


I contacted a man who published these pictures on Internet, who preferred to remain anonymous, and he confirmed that they were made by operating team, which tried to save Roman and removed the bullet from his body. The is exactly the same bullet that is pictured on nurse’s table.

Furthermore there is a picture of such bullet on Internet, the bullet was found on January, 22 on Hrushevskyi St., after the attack of “Berkut”.


I insist that the trace on metal support of café was left by this bullet. Not similar but exactly the same. This can be seen by the damage on the surface of the bullet and on the surface of the support. The bullet struck at an angle of 45 degrees first with the edge of the bullet’s head – that is why it’s damaged the most and that is why the trace on the metal support is trapezium-shaped – and than with full body and empennage.


As we can see, this is exactly the same type of a shell which was shown on the exhibition. And It came exactly from the side, where “Berkut” was coming and shooting from. And it’s the same type of shell which was found in the body of Roman Senyk

Also, there were rumours that Serhiy Nogoyan was killed in the moment when he and few other people were beating a policeman lying on the ground. Then presumably his colleague loaded his rifle (presumably it was Ukrainian-made smooth-bore gun Fort-500) with a leaded case-shot and made a shot. Although it sounds plausible but, in my opinion, it is not well-founded. The thing is that Serhiy Nigoyan  had four wounds, three of them in frontal thorax and one in the head. If a man beats a man who is lying beneath him, he has to tilt his head or bend down with whole body — in any case his head would be turned ahead. The wound in Nigoyan’s head was in fact behind helix, closer to back of the head. So he was either beating a man while being completely turned back, which is unlikely or he was just standing (or going forward) with head turned left, almost back. Most probably Serhiy was shot when he was in quiescent state — in the front and a bit to the right.

Than, Mykhailo Zhyznevsky was shot in chest, almost in front, but the bullet exited from the back lower than the inlet. That means he was shot from above. The bullet that was found in Roman Senyk’s body also entered his shoulder angularly, from above in the front and a little from the right – this can be seen from the picture of the inlet – the bullet smashed the arm and stuck in the lung. So at least in two of three cases they were shooting from above.


Hrushevskyi Street is located on an uphill. The protesters are standing beneath and the police is above. From the point of view of protesters, to the left there is Mariinsky Park, where “Berkut” is stationed and from where the shoot in most of the cases, using the burned-down screen as a cover. Which is exactly located on a hill.





Nogoyan’s body was found closer to “Dynamo” stadium, which means that “Berkut” was to the right from him – where the bullet came from. There is no other way in which his head would be injured exactly the same.

Minister of internal affairs Zakharchenko stated that hunting ammunition is not used by police forces. This is not exactly true. 
Any ammunition or special aids can only be acquired by law enforcement forces if they are listed in special “norms” – i.e. regulated adoption. All special aids are manufactured for MIA of Ukraine by two NPP “Ekolog”, which is now well-known by its brand “Teren” due to tear-gas “Teren-6” and plastisol bullets “Teren-12”, and above-mentioned SERI (Special Engineering Research Institute) of MIA of Ukraine.

I was contacted by a man who shared with me an information from one of former employees of this research institute. Here is what he has shared:

“Mr. Babchenko, 

Here is my report on bullets and case-shots: I clarified that MIA of Ukraine was acquiring 12 mm calibre shells for Fort-500 rifle with lead case-shots and bullets (but no brass bullets, this was confirmed). This information is from some years ago, but it means these bullets are in “norms”. The manufacturer of the shells is unknown. It can be “Takho” or any other. The decisive criteria for MIA tenders is the lowest price.

I wanted to clarify whether the bullet, you’ve sent me picture of, did it contain a hardcore, lead core or steel core?”

The tace of a bullet in the support wall of café on Grushevskij St. was confirmed as a similar trace from such a bullet. SERI was researching shells with such bullets in 2006-2007. These shells were designed to stop vehicles by damaging the engine. One of the employees of SERI, who initiated the research, retired in 2007. This was not a development project, which results in a development batch and, in most cases, in production, but a scientific research work, which only results in report. This allows the production of a development batch, some samples of which were shot during trials. Whole work was conducted by only one-two researchers and it is unclear whether “Berkut” was involved.”

This all means that lead case-shot and bullets of 12 mm calibre are in MIA norms and that SERI produced some number of hardcore bullets, a development batch of which, apparently, got his way into special forces for trials.  Exactly this batch people are finding now on the streets and in the bodies of protesters.
I still deeply doubt that there was an official order to use live ammunition against people — this is just illogical and unneeded.

Is it possible that they were used by accident? Yes, it is possible. The theory that hunting shells got into special forces hands by accident made no sense, but now it is possible. Circumstances of Nigoyan’s death are supporting this theory — probably, the shooter was not shooting as self-defence or defending his colleague, but he was shooting a calmly-standing or slowly-going man without knowing that his gun is loaded with live ammunition.
In order to confirm this theory MIA of Ukraine must, firstly, admit the existence of these shells with lead case-shots and, secondly, conduct their own investigation.

You can shoot with live ammunition by accident only once or twice without realising that you are killing dead and not just making injuries. But if it’s five times – and this is exactly the confirmed number of use of such bullets – then it doesn’t seem to be an accident any more.

When you shoot with rubber or live ammunition you can easily hear and feel the difference. It is pretty significant. A professional can not miss this difference. Here is a shot from Fort-500 rifle with a rubber bullet (start watching from 0:56)

If we take as a base technical specifications of French Bobbin Bullet, which weights more 30g in 12mm calibre, we can assume that the weight of the special bullet will be the same. Which means that the gun powder charge is more powerful than in case of a rubber bullet. Recoil during shot will be much more powerful too. You can see this in this video, I am not sure what this man shoots with, but this is certainly not a rubber bullet. Quite possible that we are seeing the moment of murder of one of three activists. (Watch from 1:32)

And another thing. The shooter follows shell with his sight. Is he surprised too, what he has shot with? Did he not expect? Even though it was clear, that he shoots not with rubber bullets, he didn’t stop shooting. He did at least four more shots with this ammunition.

As well as they didn’t stop to stick stones to gas grannades with duct tape to amplify the strike effect and throw Molotov cocktails into protesters. Which, of course, is not regulated by any norms.

Thus I wouldn’t completely charge off the theory of excessive act.

In any case, whether indented or not, I insist that Serhiy Nogoyan, Mykhailo Zhyznesvky and Roman Senyk were killed with live ammunition of special purpose by “Berkut” soldiers.

Arkadiy Babchenko.
Specially for “The New Times

A nationwide “Euromaidan”s Forum was held in Kyiv ahead of the schedule on February 1. In total, it gathered 101 delegates and 59 observers and guests from 56 ‘Maidans’ (protest centers) and civic circles of Ukraine.

Forum made decisions on four agenda questions, which deal with helping victims and punishing those guilty in crimes against the humanity, mechanisms of solving the political crisis and influence of civil society on the regulation process, the principle of formation and activity of technical government, establishment of democracy.

The participants shared the experience as to the peaceful and legal ways the local Euro-Maidan’s can assume the power over from the authorities, and discussed the problems of protest movement. Among the current challenges, the forum named the necessity to create a single mouthpiece  for all the Maidan’s – a newspapers and an online informational resource, creation of local authorities for investigating cases of corruption and violence, self-defense units, and also coordination of individual Maidan’s actions.

Forum defined the principles of formation, tasks and staffing criteria for the technical (or provisional) government. Such a government should assume the power and lead the country out of the crises – political, economical, – as well as from the ongoing force scenario escalation.

Also, it was for the first time that the Forum has been attended by representatives of parliamentarian opposition, and not just the representatives of Maidan Council.


Resolution of the extraordinary Euromaidan’s Forum

  1. We state that the power in Ukraine is absolutely usurped by the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and his entourage.

All legal institutes of power are under the total control of one political power –Party of Regions.

Subsequently, the citizens of Ukraine are deprived of possibility to protect their rights and freedoms via legal institutions of power.

All the legal institutions of power do not act on behalf of all the citizens of Ukraine, but protect only the political interests of its small fraction .

It’s only the protesters who were persecuted during last two months, while not a single official was brought to justice for illegal persecutions, arrests, tortures, fusillade and other illegal actions against the citizens of Ukraine.

There are numerous proofs that regime actively uses criminal gangs and creates paramilitary structures in order to achieve their political goals.

Instead of properly react onto the protesters and try to fix the reasons why they erupted, the regime doesn’t use legal methods, but special technologies with the purpose to split, suppress and discredit the protests.

In the regions, where the protest is not that powerful, regime completely squelches the freedom of speech, the freedom of ideas, the freedom of assembly and halts any political activity of the citizens.

Through the means of administrative pressure, regime artificially organizes public demonstrations in its favour, forcing the participants to join during their working hours, and in such a way discrediting constitutional essence of freedom of assembly.

Regime ideologically brainwashes the law enforcement employees, setting them against the citizens of Ukraine, holding the law enforcement officers in an informational blackout.

Regime uses harsh censorship on TV and in other state-funded media.

These and many other actions of the government show that it has completely lost its legitimacy.

Therefore, we state that all actions opposing the usurpation are legitimate, constitution and legal.

During its confrontation with constitutional protests, the government has crossed the line of possible counteraction and, ignoring the international legal commitments of Ukraine, committed crimes, which can be classified as crimes against humanity in terms of international law: executions, kidnappings, tortures, taking hostages.

We condemn the statements of Russian Federation officials that contain incitements to a civil war in Ukraine, attempts to implement separatism ideas and promulgate changes to the territorial unity of Ukraine in unconstitutional way, and we regard them as interference into internal affairs of our country.

We demand that the still legitimate institutions admit the regime itself is illegitimate, and guarantee the realization of fundamental rights of the citizens: freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of ideas and freedom of all forms of political activity on the whole territory of Ukraine.

All people, who suffered during this political conflict, have to be recognized as victims, with respective legal consequences.

We want to draw attention of all the politicians and representatives of international institutions to the degree that critical problems have grown on the regional level of “Maidan”s: the number of persecuted protesters has surged there, with the persecutions turning into unmasked mass repressions, threatening or already having damaged life and health of the citizens.

We admit the necessity to create an authority for collecting evidence-based information about the criminal activity of higher officials and representatives of law enforcement structures, as well as those, who suffered from the actions of regime.

We demand the legitimacy of Special Forces unit Berkut to be investigated and the unit itself to be dismissed.

“Euromaidan”s of Ukraine need to become a participating side in negotiations with the government.

“Euromaidan”s need to discuss guidelines for these negotiations.

The following are to become efficient mechanisms of civil society influence on government:

–  Turning Civil councils into independent and efficient control units over the executive authorities through regular reports of the latter and the right to veto the staff appointments;

–  Using civil courts as a means of moral judgment and influence on the state officials and on the forming of social opinion;

–  Creating a mechanism to recall deputies of all levels (incl. the MPs);

–  Social discussions and social hearings with the participation of specialists and public figures;

–  Introduction of petitions as a form of legislative initiative;

–  Civil mass media as an alternative to the state, private and municipal ones;

–  Creating “Maidan”s coordination center.


  1. “Maidan”s are a form of direct democracy, provisioned by the article 69 of the Constitution of Ukraine, through which the will of Ukrainian people is carried out.

The aim of “Maidan”s is to restore constitutional order, forcefully distorted by the Parliament and the President of Ukraine as subjects of legislative process through abuse of their legislative powers.

“Maidan”s are those responsible for preserving constitutional order and the main force which will remove the usurpers from power in Ukraine. Our biggest value is a person/a person’s life.

The main problem of political order in Ukraine is that the practical usage of laws and legal consciousness of the authorities are not in line with both the spirit and letter of the law.

“Maidan”s movement experience proves that a real democracy can start developing even within the framework of the existing legal system.

  • In order to achieve this, we appeal to the participants of all “Maidan”s to legalize and structure the centers of their movement and start transferring local power to the community organizations, such as local communities, “Euromaidan”s and people’s councils. Our task is to return rights, authority and resources provided by the Constitution of Ukraine to the municipalities.


  • The most important instrument in implementing and spreading democracy is the creation of our own mass media – in printed and online variants. And the creation of the only nationwide newspaper in the nearest future is crucial for the destiny of the whole movement.


  • “Euromaidan”s have to get in charge of protecting public order not only at the protest territories, but also in all the localities by creating legal self-defense forces and organizing cooperation with representatives of state law enforcement structures, if possible.


  • Since the government doesn’t investigate any cases of corruption, violence and power usurpation, ”Euromaidan”s, being the common’s authorities, have to take over this function. The results of these investigations need to become the fundament of total lustration of all the staff of executive authorities.


We appeal to those who take part in transferring protests into community movements and local authorities: please, engage into a wide-spread propaganda and share your experience! The forms of restoring democracy might be different, but we have one goal – restoring constitutional order and unity of Ukraine!


  1. The representatives of “Euromaidan”s of Ukraine suggest the following fundamentals of forming and activity of Technical government (Cabinet of Ministers, Security Service of Ukraine, Prosecutor’s Office, National Bank of Ukraine, Antimonopoly Committee, State Property Fund of Ukraine)


Technical Government’s Tasks will be:


–  Implementation of reforms in order to overcome economical crisis, restoring economical growth and social rights of citizens;

–  Ensuring internal and external safety, the rule of law and public order in the country;

–  Geostrategic positioning of the country – European vector;

–  Decentralization of power in favor of local governments;

–  Preparing legislative basis and organizational principles, creating transparent conditions for holding elections of the President, the Parliament and local governments;

–  Preparing constitutional reforms (with the participation of civil society) based on principals of parliamentarism and ensuring the possibility of direct democracy.

Government member’s criteria

 –  High moral character and reputation (truthfulness and completeness of provided personal information, information about members of the family and notarized proxies, written consent of the candidate to declare all profit and expenses, consent to special regime of control over his activity and passing a lie-detector test);

–  High professional level, backed up by experience and successful realization of projects in given sphere;

–  Absence of corruption record;

–  Independence from oligarchic groups and organized crime gangs;

–  Non-employment in executive power branch institutions in years 2010-2014;

–  Absence of foreign citizenship and records on cooperation with special services of foreign countries;

–  Refusal to become a member of the following Government and to take part in Parliamentary elections in party lists for 2 years after expiration of the Technical Government terms of office.


The principles of forming and activity of Technical Government

–  A Prime Minister has to be a highly moral person, who has a civil society trust mandate and anti-crisis program supported by society;

–  The Government member candidates have to get a recommendation from social, professional unions and “Maidan”;

–  The Government staff candidates and the main points of Technical government program have to be publicly discussed during the Nation-wide round table with the participation of the opposition, civil society representatives from “Maidan” and experts;

–  Technical Government turns to the Parliament with legislative initiative in order to receive additional power for the Technical Government during the transition period;

–  The forming and activity of Technical Government have to be maximum transparent;

–  Technical Government term of office lasts until the new Government is formed by a new Parliament.


Photo from the gathering at “Ukraina” hotel, Kyiv, 4, Instytutska str.

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